M65 Ladies Trousers - Brandit Cargo Trousers
  • Loose Fit
  • Vintage Style

M65 Ladies Trousers BranditCargo Trousers

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M65 Ladies Trousers - Brandit

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Product Details

Outer material 100% cotton
CategoryCargo trousers
ThemeCasual wear, Festival
Style nameLoose Fit
Leg FormComfortable
RiseMedium Rise
Closure typeCovered button tab
Fabric washVintage
Available since 20.04.2011
Product code185249

Cargo trousers "M65 Ladies Trousers" by Brandit:

- vintage style
- loose fit
- attached pockets with poppers
- slide-in pockets
- drawstring casing in the leg hem
- individually adjustable waistbands
- buttons for suspenders on the waistband
- stretch pleats in the back of the knee

Attention girls, army and vintage style in one! The "M65 Ladies Trousers" of the brand Brandit in loose fit makes you chill through the day, because you will feel comfortable in this pair of cargo pants with waist straps. The slide-in pockets and the sewed-on pockets with popper closure provide enough storage, to spare you your handbag.

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1 review

Written on:


Great quality trousers! Not sure what will be like after washing them but would like to think they'll be ok! Happy with them at moment :)

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3 reviews

Written on:

Perfect for hiking

I ordered it for hiking, it's perfect. Large pockets and very confortable to wear.

I recommend you to choose your usual size. It sized very well.

I can see it's a good product, solid trousers.

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1 review

Written on:


Good fit, well made. My only complaint is those ties on the back of the knee, I have no idea what they're for and just took the scissors to them otherwise excellent trousers. Really roomy side pockets!

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2 reviews

Written on:

Cool Combats!

They are pretty comfy and look awesome at the same time! Nice fit, not too loose and not too tight, just right! I like my combats some what baggy and these are great!

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13 reviews

Written on:


really good for hiking and other sports related activities as they dry rather fast-ish and give enough room for maneuvers ..
only downside is that the fly tends to open randomly ..and its a rather peculiar sizing as they seem to go rather a tad bigger than expected

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