Platinum Vintage - Brandit Winter Jacket
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  • With lots of extra pockets

Platinum Vintage BranditWinter Jacket

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Platinum Vintage - Brandit

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Product Details

Outer material 100% cotton
Inner material 100% polyester
Lining100% cotton
Sleeve lining100% polyester
CategoryWinter jackets
ThemeCasual wear
Available since 20.07.2011
Product code197459

Exclusive, light washed cotton jacket by trend brand Brandit. Military impression by epaulettes with broad bar and buttons. With loads of pockets.


- inner padding and sleeve lining: 100% polyester
- 2 big chest pockets with silver-coloured contrast studs
- on the left side a small zipped pocket, on the right side 2 small pockets with buttons
- left sleeve pocket with decoration studs and button closure
- 2 flap pockets on the hips
- 1 inside pocket
- 2 slip-in side pockets behind the flap pockets on the hips

The "Platinum Vintage" jacket by Brandit is an awesome winter jacket. Thanks to the inner padding and the lining made of 100 % polyester, this jacket will keep you warm and protects against the cold. The jacket features a cool army style hanks to the broad epaulettes and buttons. The many pockets are further nice details on the Platinum Vintage jacket, leaving enough space for your cellphone, wallet and whatever you need to take with you.

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1 review

Written on:

Excellent Jacket

Fantastic Jacket. Loads of pockets and a good fit with the sizing guide being very accurate.
Extremely warm even in freezing temperatures with hidden vertical pockets to slip your hands into, Sleeves have a quilted lining for warmth.
Very stylish design and secure pockets with reinforcing rivets in the right places. Also the spare buttons are a nice feature. Very good quality zips throughout.
Very well made. However I would definitely say that its a tad on the warm side for summer use however a great jacket for those cold days. Definitely highly recommended!!

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2 reviews

Written on:

Platinum Vintage

I am very pleased with Brandit brand. Merch is very cool, quality is rather high. I've already ordered some clothes by this brand and they are very good. What abouit this item, i've just received this jacket and it's awesome, looks great and rather vintagious, just look at that zips, shoulder straps and another cool elements at least. So, I reccomend this brand for everyone, if you wanna look cool and great and if you like high-quality clothes you should buy Brandit's merch. Thanks for your attention guys!

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4 reviews

Written on:

Just ordered

Have purchased a few Jackets and coats from the Brandit range and have all fit well and snug without any issues, they always look great and of an excellent quality. This one looks great I know its going to be a good snug fit and am pretty much looking forward to it arriving. Also will look good with black jeans, the Purple suicide squad shirt I also purchased recently please check it out looks really good. Recommend the Brandit range to anyone who wants a good jacket that goes well with alot of different styles.

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1 review

Written on:

Fantastic jacket!

Really cool looking jacket, nicely tailored fit and very well made. I'm 6'4 and its rare to find something that fits me well (I went for the XL is that helps). Arm length is excellent. Zips are tough and the stitching is very good. Its a pretty thick jacket too, very warm but not stifling.

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3 reviews

Written on:

Comfortable and looks great

A great snuff jacket without being suffocating. A great purchase if its a shirt night out during winter and you want a warm jacket to go between bars!

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