Rest - Vixxsin Hooded sweater
  • With big hood
  • With thumb holes

Rest VixxsinHooded sweater

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Rest - Vixxsin

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Product Details

Outer material 100% polyester
CategoryHooded sweaters
ThemeGothic, Rock wear, Industrial
Available since 18.07.2012
Product code234967

- knitwear
- lacings
- large hood

The "Rest" hoodie is perfect for chilling out. The designers at Vixxsin created this girls hoodie with a large hood and a wide collar so you can get cozy right away. Your hands will stay warm thanks to the thumb holes.

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1 review

Written on:


Received it today. Made of thinner material than I was expecting but this doesn't bother me at all, the fabric has a nice knit to it, the weight of the fabric also suits the bbbiiiiggg fall hood it has, which isn't well shown in the photos, which is a shame as I'd have been more excited about this had I known.
Nice snug thumb holes and nice lacing on the back, the tie is quite long but so far I am liking having it tied up in a nice bow.

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2 reviews

Written on:

Love it �

Lovely fit and design, the hood is perfect and for a wear everywhere casual smart comfy perfect top.... this is it!

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5 reviews

Written on:

looks amazing

I love it, design is amazing expecially the lacing down the back of the top. Wish there would be more clothing like this availible.

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1 review

Written on:

Functional! Classy! Sexy!

I am from a sunny climate and I have recently cut my hair to a "boy" style. These are two reasons for this fabulous jumper that keeps me warm, head and all, while being classy and functional. I love it! I wear it as a normal top instead of a jumper and the unusually cut hoodie adds some fun and mystery. I wear it casually and dress it up. Try it with classy boot cut jeans, any colour, some heels and some sparkly make up - quite sexy!

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12 reviews

Written on:

I wear it to death

I won't ever need another jumper, I have worn this one to death and it still has years of use left, I wear it with short skirts, long skirts, over dresses, and with jeans, the neck doubles up as a hood if it rains, and you can slip a leather jacket over it if it's cold. the thumb holes and baggy neck also help keep you warm. best purchase ever

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