Marc (Loose Fit) - Black Premium by EMP Jeans
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Marc (Loose Fit) Black Premium by EMPJeans

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Black Premium by EMP
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Marc (Loose Fit) - Black Premium by EMP

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  • 38,5 cm
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  • 82,0 cm
  • 82,0 cm
  • 87,0 cm
  • 82,0 cm
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Product Details

Outer material 98% cotton, 2% elasthane
ThemeCasual wear
Style nameLoose Fit
Leg FormComfortable
RiseMedium Rise
Closure typeCovered button tab
Fabric washStonewash
Available since 08.05.2015
Product code298021

Jeans Marc by Black Premium by EMP:

- loose fit
- medium rise
- thigh: comfortable cut
- foot width: normal

You'll get into the denim lovers' paradise with the blue "Marc (Loose Fit)" jeans by Black Premium by EMP. The loose fit means your thighs feel extremely comfortable in these jeans. The beige/brown washing add to the jeans' style. The Marc Jeans has 5 belt loops and 5 pockets: 2 front and 2 back pockets and one coin pocket.

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2 reviews

Written on:

top stuff

Well I bought one pair and was over the moon that a 40" waist and 34" leg was just a great fit. So I bought two more pairs. They are just so comfortable.

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5 reviews

Written on:

The holy grail of denim!

My first purchase from EMP and what do I get? a perfectly cut loose fit jean that respects the fact that men with a 40" waist want a great pair of jeans as much as the skinny guys! I have searched high and low for the holy grail of jeans and have finally found them! ...good work EMP!

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