Rammstein - Rammstein Longsleeve
  • With embroidery
  • With epaulettes
  • With logo buttons!

Rammstein RammsteinLongsleeve

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Outer material 100% cotton
CategoryLong-sleeved shirts
ThemeBand merch, Bands
Available since 09.10.2015
Product code321349

Rammstein - Rammstein long-sleeved shirt

- slightly waisted
- two breast pockets
- one sleeve pocket
- epaulettes
- buttons in logo design
- embroidered logos and patch

Lyrics that invite to a discussion. Music that goes around the world. And musicians that couldn't be any better: the guys of Rammstein belong in the meantime to the biggest bands in the world. Their danceable Metal gets directly in your head and stays there. But not just the music is incredible, also the epic stage shows. Rammstein are just unbeatable. With us you get the black Rammstein long-sleeved shirt. Especially the embroidered Rammstein logos on the chest and on the shoulder are so cool. On the buttons you can find the typical Rammstein logo. The epaulettes are the final tough of this perfect shirt.

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2 reviews

Written on:

Good Style but Cheap This Cotton

At this price you'd expect quality cotton -what a shame, it's so thin. Lovely style and cut though. Was so looking forward to BF wearing this, its such a disappointment.

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5 reviews

Written on:

Well good

If you hanker after the cool para-military look then this nails it hands down. It's skinny-fit so that was another big plus for me. And it's a Rammstein item so there you go. A bit pricey but sometimes you get what you pay for. Worth treating yourself I reckon.

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1 review

Written on:

Fantastic Rammstein shirt

This shirt is fantastic, looks great , wether you want to look casual or going somewhere you need to be smart .

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2 reviews

Written on:


I bought this shirt for a works night out, and i gotta say, it really did go down well, i even pulled that night with this shirt haha.

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