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Sometimes typecast as Viking metal, Amon Amarth prefer to call their sound melodic death metal.

Whatever music genre you put them in, these Swedish metal titans have tirelessly toured their standout sound since forming in 1992. From their early work on Once Sent from the Golden Hall (CD | vinyl | limited edition coloured vinyl) to the more recent albums Surtur Rising and Deceiver of the Gods, Amon Amarth have relentlessly assaulted our senses with electrifying death metal music. Playing at the best metal festivals across the globe, Amon Amarth have attracted a huge and loyal following. Their beyond impressive live shows are spoken about in the same breath as Rammstein's legendary offerings; pyrotechnics light up venues, Viking ships sail the stages, and the music? That speaks for itself.

With each new album, Amon Amarth continues to show they are in a class of their own. Their material is drawn from rich Nordic lore and Viking mythology, which is neatly woven into their lyrics, helping Amon Amarth stand out in a sea of metal music bands battling for attention.

In 2015, the band’s longstanding drummer Fredrik Andersson left, leading Tobas Gustafsson from Vomitory to step in to slay it on drums as Amon Amarth’s special guest on Jomsviking (CD | vinyl). In 2016, Amon Amarth revealed that Jocke Wallgren was to be their new full time drummer – no word if they welcomed this new metal warrior in style with the legendary Amon Amarth Amon Amarth doormat!


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