Billty Talent

Billy Talent probably are the shooting stars of the last decade. The Canadians have skyrocketed from 0 to 100 and have managed to become a force to be reckoned with. "Billy Talent", the band's first album, was their door opener for festival performances all over Europe. The characteristic Billy Talent vocals delivered by Ben Kowalewicz make for a lasting impression, and the other Billy Talent members are equally talented: Ian D'Sa is one of the best background singers of the last years, for instance. Billy Talent have pursued their path of success with "Billy Talent II" and their third release, "III", followed by the breakthrough smasher "Dead Silence" which silenced those who possibly thought the band wouldn't be able to keep up that level successfully in the long run. This band is a living proof of the fact that you don't need more than four excellent musicians. Billy Talent have come a long way from their first days and are rewarded with success and airplay - but mind you, they are not just a fun band (although there's a lot of it during their gigs): 2012, their skillful use of words and the depth of their lyrics were a token of the persistent quality Billy Talent had have, and will have in the years ahead.

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