Iron Maiden

Throughout their career, Iron Maiden have had all the successes a band can reach. Album sales of more than 85 million copies, induction into the Hollywood RockWalk, a private airplane and a history of more than 2.000 concerts are achievements few other bands have accomplished. One of Iron Maiden's most legendary concerts may be „Live at Donington“, which they gave in 1992. Iron Maiden have always been accompanied by their mascot "Eddie". During their early years, the founders of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal were immediately successful with albums like "The Number Of The Beast", "Piece Of Mind", „Powerslave“, „Somewhere In Time“, „Seventh Son of a Seventh Son“, „No Prayer for the Dying“ or „Fear Of The Dark“, the reason for their exceptional status today. Songs like „The Trooper“ or „The Number Of The Beast“ are simply awesome. In 1993, there was a break when Bruce Dickinson left Iron Maiden to further his solo career. Blaze Bayley replaced him and may not have hurt the band's success, yet according to fans could not expand it either. "The X Factor" and "Virtual XI" are by no means bad albums in the group's catalogue, but they were less successful than the earlier ones with Dickinson.


In 1999, it happened: After lengthy discussions, Dickinson was convinced to return to Iron Maiden. With "Brave New World", they delivered an opulent and majestic album that left fans raving. Iron Maiden were back! With "Dance Of Death", "A Matter Of Life And Death" and "The Final Frontier", they remained successful, and their tours have shown that interest in Iron Maiden is as strong as it's ever been. Those who thought "The Final Frontier" would be hard to top should definitely check out "The Book Of Souls". The album features 11 breathtaking songs, impressively clocking in at 92 minutes - which band can still pull that off nowadays?! Bruce Dickinson, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, Jannick Gers, Steve Harris and Nicko Mc Brain have proven once more that they are one of Heavy Metal's most important bands - we love Iron Maiden and are looking forward to further releases enhancing their discography.  These gentlemen not only make damn good music but also movies. „Flight 666“, which was in part produced by their manager Rod Smallwood, documents Iron Maiden's world tour through India, Australia, Japan, the US, Canada, Mexico and South Africa. Hell yes!

Iron Maiden are a group of superlatives, so their work is also honoured in the officially verified EMP Iron Maiden Online Shop . Besides shirts and sound carriers, we have DVDs, wristbands, mugs and patches. There's something for everybody.

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