Fling yourself headfirst into EMP's glorious mosh pit of Slayer merchandise. This legendary thrash metal outfit are out to 'warp your brain, move your feet and raise your spirits' and we're on hand to make sure you're kitted out for this, with - Slayer t-shirts and hoodies, as well as their back catalogue on CD and vinyl. Show your shopping basket no mercy - hell awaits the Slayer fan who hasn't checked out our colossal range of Slayer merch.

"Slayyyeeer!" We've all heard those chants at festivals, haven't we? Whether Slayer are on the line up or not, fans recognise each other by yelling their favourites' name in homage to thrash metal heroes Kerry King and Tom Araya. Slayer's spiky lyrics have earned them the title of 'most controversial band in history', but there's so much to them than that; 1988's South Of Heaven (CD) and 1990's Seasons in the Abyss (CD) are astonishing technical achievements and must-haves in the collection of any serious music fan, while the band have attracted mainstream music accolades (including two Grammies) and have been credited as an influence on bands and artists as diverse as Weezer, Fear Factory, Caliban, Bullet for My Valentine, System of a Down and Slipknot.

An ever-loyal and devoted fanbase also keep the memory of former Slayer guitarist, Jeff Hanneman, alive. Hanneman passed away in 2013, but true legends never die, and Slayer have never dreamt of calling it quits - in fact, they're far from retirement even after over 30 years of thrashing. Soon after releasing new material on their latest album Repentless (CD | vinyl | CD & DVD digipak | CD & Blu-ray digipak), Kerry King revealed that the band still has plenty of material yet to release - though fans will have to wait for 2018.

Remember, as Slayer themselves once said: "If you cherish your sanity, this band is not for you". But if you worship Slayer and their music - EMP's Slayer merch most definitely is for you. Sanity optional.

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