Hardly any band has been discussed as controversially as the US American outfit Slipknot. The Nu/Alternative Metal band was founded 1995 in Des Moines, Iowa, and the boys knew right from the start how to get the maximum attention. Their trademark: face masks individually designed for each band member. The masks reflect the personal life or the character of the respective musician.

Musically, the band is characterised by a hard, aggressive sound that doesn't get much airplay - but in combination with their spectacular performance on stage, this sound has led to a huge fan community world wide. Although several band members had other projects on the side, for example ex-drummer Joey Jordison with his band  Murderdolls or Corey Taylor with Stone Sour,  Slipknot was the most important thing to the musicians. Slipknot has become one of the   biggest metal bands of this planet  with the band members  Corey Taylor, Chris Fehn, Mick Thomson, Sid Wilson, Craig Jones, Shawn Crahan, James Root, Joey Jordison, and Paul Gray . By now, the boys even organise their  own festival  called „KnotFest“.

Their second album  "Iowa"  released in 2001, was a smash hit and immediately took the  top position  of the British charts and #3 of the Billboard Magazine album charts. Their third album   „Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses“ was another mega seller, and Slipknot even got a Grammy Award for "Best Metal Performance" for their song "Before I Forget" . The album  „All Hope Is Gone“  proved how brutal and technically sophisticated a Slipknot album can sound.

2010, Slipknot suffered from a severe setback when  Bassist Paul Gray was found dead in a hotel in Iowa - he had died of a drug overdose, the doctor arrived too late. After his death, the band took a break, but they released a sort of unofficial artistic legacy of Paul Gray in the same year, a DVD titled  „(sic)nesses“. Shortly after that, drummer Joey Jordison left the band.  But Slipknot didn't give up!

The official legacy of Paul Gray followed with the album  "The Gray Chapter". Songs like „The Negative One“, „The Devil in I“ , or „Custer“  are genuine masterpieces and prove the musical prowess of the Slipknot musicians. Your favourite band can always be with you, and can also pimp your flat with some Skipknot accessories - you can order your stuff at the EMP verifiedand official band merch of Slipknot . A lot of  Slipknot shirts, hoodies, CDs, DVDs, jackets, wristbands and keychains wait for you there! R.I.P Paul!

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