There is a band that leaves nothing untried: Hämatom from Germany are one of Thrash Metal's national hopefuls. When they hit the stage, they destroy everything. If you read the lyrics, you are at once reminded of your childhood. The early ones in particular strongly refer to German fairy tales - a great concept! On later albums, the band added newly invented stories. With "Wut", members Nord, Ost, Süd and West had their breakthrough - what an insane ride!

You simply feel that music is the most important thing for these guys - their masks and pseudonyms only underline this. The group did not rest on the laurels they gained with "Wut". Later albums like "Stay Kränk" or "Keinzeitmensch" prove how good the musicians behind the name Hämatom are. You can repeatedly listen to each of their songs and still discover new things. That's how it should be, right?! Hämatom are the real new German heaviness. If you like over-the-top Thrash Metal, you should have a look into our EMP Hämatom Online Shop. We have their CDs for you. Stay heavy!

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