If you stumble upon a walker, you'd better have a decent shotgun with you.

Unfortunately, here at EMP we don't stock that kind of thing - but what we do have is all kinds of official The Walking Dead merchandise for all fans of the critically-acclaimed US zombie series.

Yes, we've got The Walking Dead clothing including t-shirts, hoodies and dresses as well as more cool merch like board games and cool Walking Dead Funko Pop! Figures. With such a range of Walking Dead merch available, choosing a gift for a zombie fan couldn't be easier!

An adaption of Robert Kirkman's comic books of the same name, The Walking Dead's focus is on a group of survivors of a zombie - sorry, walker - apocalypse. Led by ex-cop Rick Grimes and the hunky Daryl Dixon, the group move from location to location, desperately looking for somewhere safe and free from walkers. But in this frightening new reality, they often find that fellow survivors are often just as dangerous as the undead, hence the show's chilling tagline: "Fight the dead. Fear the living."

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