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Gothic clothing, like Gothic culture, has a dark, intense, romantic appeal, and you can explore every element of it thanks to the wide range of men’s and women’s Gothic fashion available from EMP. We stock Gothic essentials such as Gothic dresses and coats, corsets and boots, as well as Gothic jewellery and accessories. Dabble in the dark arts or dive all the way in: with our Gothic line you can take your pick.

The Gothic subculture has a history that dates back through the centuries but emerged with a vengeance after the punk era in the 1980s. Gothic also has its own subcultures - Gothic romanticism, for example, is considered a well-established art form. Fashion is an essential element in Gothic expression, a way of defining an identity and making a statement of one’s individual style. Aesthetics borrow from influences as varied as punk and Renaissance, as well as Victorian textures and styles of dress. The result is a look that always turns heads and makes an impact. Monochromes often define Gothic looks – dark, brooding shades contrasted with white, cream or ivory. The style is often influenced by Gothic music, from bands like Joy Division and The Cure to HIM and Lacrimosa.

Gothic style can be romantic, with lace trims, frills and cinching corsets, or it can be tough and practical, using studs and tough textures like leather. Cross motifs are common, as are skulls and animals. Goth is a way of life - and if it’s yours, our Gothic range has everything you need to live it.