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is there anything this band has not achieved? Guns N' Roses are probably one of the greatest bands in Hard Rock history. Besides „Paradise City“, „Civil War“ and „November Rain“ turned the 80s Rock circus upside down. Apart from concerts in front of hundreds of thousands of fans, drugs, alcohol and women played the main role in Axl Rose's life. Albums like „Appetite For Destruction“, „Use Your Illusion, Vol.1“ or  „Use Your Illusion, Vol.2“ granted these Californians an honourable seat in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. Until this day, the band has sold more than 100 million copies of their albums. The golden years with Slash on guitar, putting his signature sound onto the group, may be over, but even „Chinese Democracy“ had those melodies only Guns N Roses can deliver. The band is far from being relegated to legend, and we hope that it will continue. After all, these guys have left their mark on an entire music genre. Songs such as „Welcome To The Jungle“, „Sweet Child O‘ Mine“, “November Rain” or “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” are true classics that have influenced every music fan. Slash's legendary riffs are simply unmistakable. This guy is a virtuoso knowing his craft. Also, rhythm guitarist Izzy Stradlin helped to make Guns N' Roses what they are. The group's line-up changed as quickly as Axl's mind, though. On guitar alone, we have seen Slash, Buckethead, Bumblefoot and Robert Finck. Axl Rose is and remains the only constant member. The bass players have been Duff McKagan, Ole Beich and Tommy Stinson. Even though the line-up has ever since changed, the quality of the music has hardly ever suffered.

Back to the roots!

In January 2016, rumours claimed Guns N' Roses would return in their original line-up (well, almost original), and we thought at first that Axl had been drunk again when he stated that. However, it's really true: Slash and Duff Mc Kagan have returned. One of the world's most legendary bands is reaching for the stars again. We burn to see the guys live again. Let's only hope that Axl manages to get on stage. We are confident, though.

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