We’ve summoned a magical range of The Legend of Zelda merchandise with a parp or two on EMP’s sacred Ocarina of Time. We’ve got all the Zelda merch you need to set your Link-loving heart ablaze, including The Legend of Zelda t-shirts, hoodies, accessories and more. After a busy day roaming Hyrule aboard your trusty steed Epona, why not chill out in this awesome Link bathrobe and bask in the toasty glow of this Triforce lamp? If you’re doing a bit of Link cosplay, everything you need is here: this men's Link cosplay hoodie is all the guys need, while the women’s hoodie, Link cosplay dress or t-shirt mean the ladies can do it too! The Link cosplay beanie, replica Hylia shield and replica Master Sword can, of course, be enjoyed by all genders.

Let’s be honest: who wouldn't risk their life (or don a cosplay outfit) for Princess Zelda? Nintendo has been deftly fuelling our inner hero complex since the eighties, when Link first appeared in the original Legend of Zelda game. Since 1986 our beloved and intrepid hero, Link, has gone on over 18 different adventures on various Nintendo platforms. We’ve followed him on every journey – from watching him from the top down in 8-bit environments to looking over his shoulder as he wanders through lusciously rendered HD landscapes – and not since Peter Pan or Spock have we been so fond of a pointy-eared fellow. Link is the tiny unbelievably-skilled-at-archery hero in all of us.

Whether you’re a SNES or N64 purist or came to the series with the astonishing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, we’re right here - forging a path into the Gorgon mines - digging out the best Legend of Zelda merchandise to help you on your quest to glory. Princess rescuing optional, Link beanies compulsory. We might even let you have a toot on our Ocarina of Time.

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