Come with us and explore the kingdom of Hyrule. With The Legend of Zelda, the dudes from Nintendo have created a masterpiece which still belongs to the most legendary game series ever. Wouldn't you like to play the role of Link everyday, roaming Hyrule with your sword and shield?! But beware the evil wizard Ganondorf - he's just waiting to defeat you. Let's be honest: who wouldn't risk his life for Princess Zelda? After all, Link is a true hero fearing nothing and nobody, even if the magic Triforce is in ungracious hands... But you don't only have to beware of Ganondorf, but also of other villains who want just one thing: the Triforce.

So what are you waiting for? Slip into the role of Link again and save princess Zelda. But stop for a moment - you need Zelda merchandise to be prepared for the battle! In our EMP Zelda Online Shop you'll find Zelda shirts, sweaters, accessories, bags, and much more. We even have the Triforce - it can be simple as that. Have fun in Hyrule - and be careful: we have warned you.

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