The early days of Airbourne weren't too easy for sure: hailing from Australia and being from the same musical register, they were often considered the little brothers of AC/DC. But in the meantime, those comparisons have become moot because Airbourne have gained their own reputation in the scene since 2003. The basic ingredient of their work is first-class Rock, as demonstrated impressively on their 2007 album "Runnin' Wild". The difference between Airbourne and their fellow Aussies AC/DC is obvious: AC/DC let their guitars do the talking, Airbourne kick off with a hefty dose of madness and a hefty amount of beer cans. The second album "No Guts. No Glory." added even more wood to the huge fire - Airbourne performed in almost every big arena on this planet and at every big festival, delivering awesome shows which turned them into a popular attraction for the audience. Finally, "Black Dog Barking" convinced also the last sceptics : this black dog is not just barking - it bites, too. The simpaticos from down under have also won over our hearts, as you can see in the EMP shop: be it sweatbands (necessary accessories when attending one of their shows) or their albums - we have it all on stock.

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