Amon Amarth

are often typecast as Viking Metal although the band prefers to call their style melodic Death Metal. But in the end, that doesn't matter - after all, the Swedes have played almost any given Metal festival on earth since their first days in 1992. Impressive stage shows with pyro technology and reproductions of Viking ships are just the frosting on the cake when talking about Amon Amarth and their performances. The music speaks for itself, and with each new album, Amon Amarth deliver a new proof for the fact they are a class of their own, drawing their material from the rich Nordic lore. The line-up has been the same since 1998 which also adds to the tight delivery and harmonic atmosphere on their albums. EMP is very happy to announce that we can offer Amon Amarth merchandise exclusively: get their releases, shirts, flags, and even Amon Amarth wine in our shop!

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