Anne Stokes – Queen of Fantasy!

Anne Stokes is appreciated by fans of dark and fantastic art all over the world. Within the last years, her career has really soared, and her works have become cherished and popular in the Fantasy / Gothic scene and EMP's realm of shadow! So, it is about time to take a closer look at the Queen of Fantasy in our web shop!

The early days

Anne's penchant for mystic characters and enigmatic creatures has started with Tolkien's Hobbit! And it was all her father's fault: he read those stories to her, not knowing what would be the consequences - so maybe we should thank him, after all. And, honestly, is there any better way to get hooked on the Fantsasy genre than J.R.R. Tolkien and his Hobbit?! So, Anne Stokes fell in love with the world of fantasy and she started to capture the results of her imagination on paper.

And the story continued: as a teenager, Anne Stokes was an avid player of Dungeons & Dragons, and incidentally, she was hired by Wizards of the Coast as illustrator for their pen & paper role game! So, she was able to turn her hobby into her profession.

But Anne Stokes' work has also been inspired and influenced by music, especially by Heavy Metal! She always points out that she owes a lot to Metal and her favourite bands, such as the Sisters of Mercy and Meatloaf! In the meantime, the British artist has become the Queen of Fantasy - and she certainly knows and loves her trade.


The works created by Anne Stokes can be considered to be part of the Fantasy / Gothic / Horror genre. The artist is always happy to serve both worlds, be it the one populated by fairies or the one of the skeletons - that makes for some variety! oday, though, she realises her own ideas and provides her characters with a versatile design - for example, she masters the art of the naturalistic style, but Anne Stokes also likes to use elements from the Steampunk or the Science Fiction universe.

The artist finds the inspirations for her ideas mostly in the nature surrounding her. It may happen that some intertwined branches are turned into a pentagram design, combined with fantastic elements. With her sketchbook and a camera, she explores the woods or the cities, collecting her impressions - which are put on paper as first drafts and are digitally edited later.

Dragons and sinister creatures

Anne Stokes is particularly fond of dragons, she has a strong sympathy for these mythical animals - which you can see when looking at her pictures. With a lot of intricate details, the artist has brought to life numerous dragons. Some interact with female warriors and magicians, others are true tyrants feared by their enemies.

Obviously, Anne Stokes' mysterious world is not only sunny and nice: apart from beautiful fairies, majestic unicorns and magic creatures, there are also demons, werewolves, vampires, and villains roaming the valleys!

Death and damnation are frequent motives, too - the artist creates spooky scenes with threatening characters: alluring vampire ladies long for fresh human blood, and terrible ghosts haunt their victims. Mysterious monks of a forbidden cult foresee horrible things. Murderous fairies and cruel witches spread fear and horror.


But expect things to get even worse! With her grim reaper and death angel designs, Anne Stokes aims at the primal fears of mankind, so beware of teeth-baring werewolves and satanic gargoyles. A crazy psychic and a demon clown do not exactly conjure up positive vibes, saturnine beasts crawl from dark waters and mouldy grounds... And there are also some especially monstrous characters from the world of mythology: the deadly Medusa, and the dangerous seductress, the Siren, are just longing for their next victim.

When taking a closer look at the works, you'll notice the plethora of details such as pentagrams and other occultist symbols. Many creatures epitomise nature and sometimes, pagan gods occur in Anne Stokes' pictures. It is striking to see that the artist personalises nature in her works, thus delivering an animistic statement. This feature distinguishes her from other Fantasy artists, and adds depth to her pictures..

Anne Stokes is everywhere!

The art of Anne Stokes is omnipresent! When dealing with Fantasy, her name will come up very soon. Her designs are used for countless articles, for example Spiral und Nemesis Now - and she has also designed her own line of jewellery. But that is not enough: her motives are not only hot and in demand, they get under the skin, too! Many fans have used the designs created by Anne Stokes for their tattoos - and there are so many of them that the artist has released a complete book containing those motives.

The band Sirenia was so ecstatic about her picture Sirens’s Lament that they used it for the album cover of Perils of the Deep Blue. The album Wicked Maiden by Impellitteri also got its cover designed by the artist. Anne Stokes has left her mark on the world of Fantasy and really influenced it - she has become a genuine icon in that universe.

If you cannot get enough of the Queen of Fantasy, check out the EMP realm of shadow. In the online shop, there are calendars, posters and flags, sculptures, tarot cards, bed linens, and much more stuff designed by Anne Stokes! Come in and explore her fantastic, dark world!

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