As colourful as your life

Not only Robert Flynn from Machine Head wears them, countless other musicians do so as well. Converse All Star Chucks have by now reached cult status, and justly so. The Converse Company was founded in 1908 as Converse Rubber Shoe Company by Marquis Converse in Malden, Massachusetts. Since then, this historical American lifestyle brand has continually grown and is more creative than ever. Ideas from Chuck Taylor, Pro Leather or Jack Purrel have stayed important aspects of Converse fashion. Their most striking trademark is doubtlessly the diversity of the sneakers. Whether it's the Skateboarding, Metal, Rock or Hip Hop scene, Converse shoes work in any context and are cult. Lines like All Star High, CTAS, Dainty or Canvas Sneaker give proof of this. Today, Converse is not restricted to footwear but also manufactures streetwear. The company offers high-quality shirts, hoodies, tops, jeans, tank tops, bags, caps and much more – for both men and women, of course. However, Converse always remember their roots. Their streetwear clothing collection combines old school style with new trends – a perfect blend that makes you look sportive, fashionable and stylish.

Everyday cult fashion

We just love Converse shoes and streetwear. Why? Simply because this stuff looks great and is really comfortable, the perfect clothing for any occasion. And let's be honest: Musicians like Rob Flynn wearing Converse sneakers during entire tours can only mean one thing - highest quality. This surely applies to the streetwear collection, too. We have the legendary Converse streetwear and sneakers in our EMP Converse Online Shop . Just choose your preferred outfit and quickly get dressed in the best possible way. What are you waiting for? Enhance your everyday life with a healthy dose of cult, style and old school attitude. Converse rocks!

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