When ten thousand fists hammered down EMP’s doors looking for Disturbed merchandise, we knew we had to come up with something special. So, we teamed up with The Guy, ignoring his creepy demeanour, and lined up the very best Disturbed gear for all you sons of plunder to liberate from our merchandise lair. So if you like your riffs slammin’ and your metal heavy, load up on Disturbed t-shirts, hoodies, flags, CDs and vinyl. We also have EMP-exclusive Disturbed sneakers, so you can tap your toes to their twisted beats in style.

Disturbed have smashed straight into the Billboard 200 on five consecutive occasions, landing firmly on the number one spot. The number of Disturbed albums to rocket straight to the top of the chart has only been matched by the Dave Matthews Band and the legendary Metallica. Even toning down their nu metal roots from the early days didn’t disappoint Disturbed’s loyal fanbase. Selling over thirteen million albums, mostly in the United States, they have been compared with Pantera, and have created melodies Linkin Park would be proud to have on their albums. What sets the group apart is that Disturbed write great songs. “Down With The Sickness” and “Stupify” define the band’s lyrical legacy and are a hard act to follow.

Bouncing back from a hiatus in 2015 with Immortalized (available from EMP on CD, 2-CD deluxe edition and vinyl) the band are hoping to bust into the studio in 2018. They may be busy planning their seventh studio album, but can it top the epic tracks on Indestructible (CD | special edition CD | vinyl) or The Lost Children? While we wait, let’s keep The Guy company by getting our fists in the air and Disturbed blasting in our ears!

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