If you're a fan of Ghost and their eccentric on-stage presence, you’ll find all of the Ghost merchandise you’ll ever need to show your credentials as a true fan of these heavy metal Swedes. Take a look at our collection of Ghost merch and you’ll find Ghost t-shirts, Ghost hoodies, beanies, mugs and plenty more.

The one thing that fans can be guaranteed of from Ghost is a big show, an epic performance, and megajoules of pure adrenaline. With their eccentric costumes and extensive use of special effects, every show is as intense visually as it is in terms of Ghost’s unique sound, which is difficult to categorise but has been ominously termed ‘doom metal’.

Despite the band stirring up quite a lot of controversy during their short history, their music speaks for itself, with each new release hotly anticipated by fans. If you’re one of those fans, you’re in luck: we’ve got Ghost’s entire back catalogue on both CD and vinyl.

Opus Eponymous (CD | vinyl) was their very first album and it received raved reviews. Infestissumam (CD | vinyl) soon followed and the third album, 2015’s Meliora (CD | vinyl) earned Ghost a Grammy Award in 2016 for Best Metal Performance. The album features 10 tracks of headbanging fury and while the music still stays deep inside metal territory, there are obvious influences of Deep Purple shining through.

Following the success of Meliora, Ghost produced their most ambitious EP to date, titled Popestar (CD | vinyl). This EP record features their new single "Square Hammer", plus cover tracks of "Nocturnal Me", "I Believe", "Missionary Man", and "Bible".

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