Jack Daniel’s

Everyday we make it, we’ll make it the best we can!

The distillers of Jack Daniel’s simply know how to make brown Gold. The traditional company was founded in in Lynchburg, Tennessee, in 1886. The successful whiskey was created by distiller Jasper „Jack“ Newton Daniel – that's where the striking quality name comes from.

But what is it actually that makes Jack Daniel’s so successful?

It's simple as this: Jack Daniel’s simply tastes great and unmistakable. This is not least due to the filtering process on charcoal, which was invented and refined by Jack Daniel’s. Drip by drip, the whiskey trickles through several feet of sugar maple charcoal. This special process gives the beverage its incomparably mild taste, a defining trademark of Jack Daniel’s. This kind of filtering eventually makes it what it is: not bourbon but authentic Tennessee Whiskey, maturing in its barrels for four years. It is distilled at the very same place as in the early days, because to get its unique taste, the whiskey needs non-ferrous water from the Jack Daniel’s limestone well. Today, there are many different flavours of the classic Jack Daniel’s Whiskey, for example honey, which is perfect for barbecuing!

Jack Daniel’s is simply iconic

Jack Daniel’s has long since become one of the best-known whiskey brands worldwide – no wonder given its taste, right? Popular musicians like the late and great Lemmy from Motörhead have drunk gallons of Jack Daniel’s, but Frank Sinatra loved Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 as well. Therefore, it is the perfect drink for becoming a star. If you are fans of the iconic whiskey, you should definitely check our EMP Jack Daniel‘s Online Shop. We have Jack Daniel’s best seller fan merchandise like tops, shirts, hoodies, tank tops, accessories, belts, sunglasses and much more. Cheers, ladies and gentlemen!

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