Sidle up to EMP’s bar for a round or two of Jack Daniel’s merchandise. However you like your whiskey served, we’ve distilled the finest Jack Daniel’s merch so you can mix it up, take it neat or enjoy it on the rocks. We have Jack Daniel’s t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, accessories, belts, sunglasses and so much more, so sit back, grab a JD and coke and fill your shopping basket to the brim. Cheers, ladies and gents!

‘Everyday we make it, we’ll make it the best we can!’

The distillers of Jack Daniel’s whiskey simply know how to make liquid gold. Founded in Lynchburg, Tennessee, in 1886, The famous whiskey was created by distiller Jasper ‘Jack’ Newton Daniel – who gave his name to the now global brand. The whiskey’s success? It’s as simple as this: Jack Daniel’s simply tastes great and is unmistakable. From the charcoal filtering process to the cool, clear spring water used to make the whiskey, every intricate step makes Jack Daniels not just a standard bourbon, but a true, authentic, Tennessee Whiskey. And the process is intense. The water has to be perfect and iron-free, so JD will only use water from their very own spring - discovered by Jack Daniels himself in 1886. Then, drip by drip, the JD trickles through several feet of sugar-maple charcoal. Filtered, it then sits for four years, maturing in barrels, before being distributed in the classic branded bottles across the globe.

Simply iconic, Jack Daniel’s has long since become one of the best-known whiskey brands worldwide. No wonder given its signature taste, right? Popular musicians like the late and great Lemmy from Motörhead have been heavily associated with the drink, as has Frank Sinatra, who loved Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 as well, making it the perfect drink to enjoy – and its merchandise perfect to wear - on your own road to stardom.

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