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One of the greatest Rock groups of all time

May we talk a bit about the most successful Rock band ever? Led Zeppelin enjoy this status, and justly so. Sales figures of more than 300 million records, all of their studio albums landing in top ten charts and six of them even reaching the number one position are just a fraction of their achievements. The band's inauguration into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame seems almost negligible, considering that Led Zeppelin are the "biggest and most influential Rock group" that has ever existed. Founded by Yardbirds guitarist Jimmy Page in 1968, the band named themselves Led Zeppelin shortly after. The members - besides Page singer Robert Plant joined by John Paul Jones and John Bonham - quickly recorded and released the albums "I" to "IV" within three years. With masterful Rock songs that were characterised by Plants remarkable singing and the progressive, bluesy style of his fellows, they dominated the Rock circus. Furthermore, Led Zeppelin dedicated themselves to simple Rock 'n' Roll, Jazz, Funk and even Country. After "Houses Of The Holy", when they already had relegated the Rolling Stones to the bottom of the charts, it took them a little bit longer to come up with "Physical Graffiti", but the meantime was used well to write songs. "Presence" and "In Through The Out Door" cemented the group's pole position, but in 1980, drummer Bonham tragically died.

The journey continued

In 1982, Led Zeppelin compiled "Coda", one final album of outtakes from various recording sessions. However, they were supposed to keep their iconic and heroic status. In 2007, the sensational thing happened: Led Zeppelin announced they would come together again to give a one-off concert in London. Their drummer became late member John Bonham's son Jason, and tickets for this unforgettable event turned out to be the most expensive ever offered for one single show. This clearly indicated that the band hadn't lost its appeal. The evening was documented on the 2012 DVD and CD "Celebration Day", underlining that even 40 years after their foundation, Led Zeppelin's music remained unforgettable. Songs like „Whole Lotta Love“, „Communication Breakdown“, „Stairway To Heaven“, “When The Levee Breaks” or “Kashmir” are legendary.   If you want to learn more about Led Zeppelin's history, you should check out Thomas Erlewine's Led Zeppelin biography.

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