Lilo & Stitch

Aloha and E komo mai! Fans of Disney's Lilo & Stitch surely know what that means. Everybody else should drop everything now and watch this movie.

By means of illegal genetic experiments, mad alien scientist Dr. Jumba Jookiba created some creatures with the sole purpose to wreak havoc and destruction. Too bad he was caught in the act and imprisoned while his whole creation got confiscated. However, his latest creature escaped and landed on a small Hawaiian Island. Lilo, a little girl, adopts it, thinking it is a dog, and names it Stitch. Her new friend turns out to be in for a lot of chaos. Also, Stitch is still wanted in space while Lilo on earth, who lives with her older sister, worries about being put into a children's home. Eventually, everything comes to a head but still finds a happy end as usual. By the way, to generally make the movie brighter and friendlier, all 1.200 backgrounds were hand-painted in watercolour. This hadn't been done since Dumbo (1941) because firstly, it's very costly, and secondly precarious, as one single line at the wrong place may ruin an entire background image, which is rather unfavourable considering Disney's tight schedule. For Lilo & Stitch though, everything worked well and really paid off.

You see, this movie features a mad scientist, a little, messy alien creature, Hawaiian atmosphere, volcanos - what else do you want?! Fan merch? You shall get it. In our EMP Online Shop, you will find little chaos monger Stitch as Funko Pop! Figur for your room at home. We also have aLilo & Stitch dress showing the funny record player scene. Mahalo and aloha!

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