The Misfits have managed two remarkable feats: first, the band is some kind of birthplace of the Horror Punk genre, and second, this band still has a cult status, in spite of its ever-changing line-up.Originally founded by Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only in 1977, they had their first successes with EPs such as "Beware", "3 Hits From Hell", or "Evilive". "Walk Among Us" (1982) and "Earth A.D./Wolfs Blood" (1983) caused a huge surge of popularity which finally led to Glenn Danzig's departure in 1983. The band lost its hold - the Misfits were out on ice for some time. It took solid 12 years until the duo Only and Doyle revived the band. The vocal job was taken by several men, but unfortunately, the band couldn't come up with a constant line-up. In spite of this, or because of this, the Misfits were successful and were able to keep up the hype about the band with "American Psycho" and "Famous Monsters". Said hype lasted until the year 2000 - the band took a break then. But just a short one, as it turned out because Jerry Only simply took the job behind the mike, gathering a few musicians around him - there is still some life in that old dog named Misfits! There have been some of the usual line-up changes since, but quality and reputation of the Misfits haven't suffered in spite of them.

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