Peter Pan Merchandise, Clothing & Disney Couture Jewellery

Welcome to the finest range of Peter Pan merchandise this side of Neverland! We've sprinkled some pixie dust on a variety of t-shirts, dresses, hoodies, jewellery and more, creating stunning products that are perfect for those who, like Peter, never want to grow up! Many of these items are exclusive to EMP, so you won't find them anywhere else - not even Neverland!

In J.M. Barrie's much-loved original tale, Peter Pan whisks Wendy Darling and her brothers away to Neverland to join his gang of Lost Boys. There, they meet mermaids, rescue princesses and battle pirates (including the dastardly Captain Hook). Barrie's tale was subject to a number of adaptations, but the most enduring to this day is Disney's 1953 animated feature Peter Pan. This version popularised the image of Tinker Bell as a fairy, Peter's green tunic, tights and cap, and all manner of other universally-accepted Peter Pan imagery, and enchanted audiences worldwide, becoming the highest-grossing film of the year.

It is this timeless Disney classic our Peter Pan merchandise is inspired by. Check out this men's and women's Neverland t-shirt and hoodie, mashing up classic Peter Pan imagery with Nirvana's trademark typeface for a head-turning EMP exclusive. Alternatively, if you want a Tinker Bell-esque sparkle, our Peter Pan necklaces and earrings come from the coveted Disney Couture jewellery range.

There's enough Peter Pan merch here to last an eternity - handy if you can never grow up! Wave your wand (okay, mouse) over your favourite items to add them to your basket, and if you get lost, remember: second star to the right and straight on 'til morning.

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