Peter Pan

Throw a handful of pixie dust onto your head and come along to Neverland! It's the best damn place there ever was. There are pirates, Indians, mermaids, nobody has to grow up. Your personal guides Peter Pan and Tinker Bell will happily show you around. How about visiting the chief's daughter Tiger Lily to smoke a peace pipe? Or a game of marbles with the Lost Boys? Simply fly where you want, just like Peter Pan from the 1953 Disney movie of the same name.

Peter Pan is chasing his own shadow and by chance gets to know the Darlings' children: Wendy, John and Michael. He invites them to Neverland where they have to participate in his adventures fighting against Captain Hook and his horde of pirates. That's not the worst of pastimes, right? Just take the second star to the right and then fly straight on until dawn. Simply do what you like, but take care not to shake hands with the crocodile. It could turn out badly for you. If everything else fails, follow the jingling bells, that's Tinker. She knows the way. Before this animated film, Peter Pan's best friend Tinker Bell had only been depicated as a tiny light. It was Walt Disney who gave her a real body in his cartoon movie, and another 55 years had to pass until she was finally allowed to speak, which happened in 2008 in the first film starring her.

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