Rage Against The Machine T-Shirts & Merch

Music and politics can go together very well indeed - at least when Rage Against The Machine are at work. With their debut in 1992, they did not only deal with some harsh political issues, but became the poster band for a new, so-called Cross over genre. 20 Years have gone by and the album is still a timeless classic. The re-release of said genre gem was pimped with a lot of bonus material. But Rage Against The Machine and their fuzzy-headed singer Zack de la Rocha released another three studio albums demonstrating the quartet's versatility and scope. "Evil Empire" picked up where the debut left, "The Battle Of Los Angeles" reveals the band's penchant for Funk, and "Renegade" is a cover album featuring true musical gems. Rage Against The Machine don't care for expectations - they just do their own thing, being real guerillas, not just in their lyrics, but also when performing live. The band always has a lot to say, so we hope for more live activities. Until their next gig, you can roam our Rage Against The Machine online shop: we have all albums and merchandise articles of the band ready for you. Viva la Revolución!

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