Do you wanna dance? Then get on down to EMP’s dance floor and toe tap your way towards some of our iconic Ramones merchandise. Celebrate the group that gave the world band t-shirts with some classic Ramones gear. Without Ramones, how would we show allegiance to our favourite artists? Get the iconic Ramones logo on everything from sew-on Ramones patches and hoodies to jewellery, mugs and glasses and more - not forgetting the seminal, legendary Ramones t-shirts! Wear them with pride and ignore any snarky punks suggesting you might not have bothered to listen to their records - whether you’re a devoted fan or fashionista, Ramones gear looks good on everyone.

Everybody knows the battle cry in “Blitzkrieg Bop”, a Ramones classic that’s still played, heard, and sung after all these decades...four words that changed the musical landscape forever…"Hey! Ho! Let's go!"

Starting way back in 1974 in New York, Ramones took their band name inspiration from The Beatles: it’s an adaptation of the stage name used by Paul McCartney, who used the pseudonym of Paul Ramone. But that was just about the only similarity between the Beatles and Ramones. A wild and dirty punk band with over 2200 concerts under their belt, Ramones have been one of the most active bands ever. Releasing fourteen albums between 1976 and 1995, timeless works such as Road To Ruin or Leave Home (CD | 3-CD and vinyl boxset) have long since become musical monuments for the band and their fans. But it’s the first self-titled album, Ramones (CD | vinyl), that is still the most loved by hardcore fans and a must for any serious record collection. Playing simple, loud and fast songs, Ramones were the antidote to the bombastic, occasionally self-indulgent jam that took hold of the rock scene of the 70s; zero solos, basic chords and catchy melodies were all part of the Ramones recipe for success.

Even after the passing of band founders Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee Ramone, the band still has a steadfast cult status. They might have sold more Ramones t-shirts and merchandise than they did records, but the Ramones debut album changed music and music culture forever. Few other bands can make that claim, no matter how many records they sold.

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