WWE - Officially licensed merchandise

When there's chairs flying through the air and sweat galore, that can mean only one thing: Wrestling! A ring, brutal wrestlers, a lot of fans, and a great show. Who doesn't like to remember all those legendary successes of the Undertaker? The man in the black coat and hat was unbeaten 21 times - a mighty brutal beast. And since we're talking legends, one name has to be mentioned by any means: Hulk Hogan, the most feared moustache in the whole business. The twelvefold Heavyweight Champion is in the WWE Hall Of Fame - not without reason.

Wrestling may not be a family sport, but the Wyatt family gives a damn on this prejudice. When the boys are in the ring, the whole hall is on fire. Of course, we also have merch of the Wyatt Family in the EMP Wrestling Online Shop ready for you. It doesn't matter whether you're on the side of the Undertaker, Hogan, Cena, Kane, or other wrestlers: the wrestling family sticks together. Out of the ring, the boys are pretty normal people actually. Kane doesn't eat little babies, for example, he has graduated from University - who'd have thought that? And there's Hulk Hogan who even wanted to become president of the USA in 2000. There's one thing all wrestlers have in common, though: they deliver a damn great show for you - so enjoy it with a beer and some crisps.

If you dig wrestling as much as we do, you should check out our EMP Wrestling Online Shop. We have officially licensed merchandise of Randy Savage, Undertaker, Kane, and many more. Are you ready to rumble?

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