EMP is always relevant AF, so we just had to kit you out with some Khujo clothing. Bringing the coolest vintage garms from the silver screen to your waiting bodies, Khujo is slaying it in the fashion world. Their jackets are the stuff of legend. You’ll look like you stepped off a Hollywood film set without breaking out the big bucks to buy your look. With an aesthetic that just won’t quit, Khujo jackets, tops, coats and dresses are every season’s must-have. From festivals to casual nights out, Khujo clothing delivers. Browse EMP’s hand-picked Khujo pieces, pile up your shopping basket and we’ll be round with your new outfit ASAP.

Renowned the world over for their signature style and retro nuances, Hamburg’s Khujo clothing label is a symbol of quality. Embracing modern yet simple design, the label’s jackets are hugely popular. Whether it’s bomber jackets, streetwear or leather jackets, the Khujo brand stands out in the fashion crowd.

Khujo’s story started with a single leather jacket. Created after the founder returned from a trip to Manhattan, the jacket was the result of a simple idea: to make cool leather jackets - the kind you see in old films. From that single jacket, a business grew. Khujo went from being a local manufacturer in the founder’s hometown of Hamburg, to an international brand. The big-screen vintage style jackets are still at the core of the brand’s identity but they’ve expanded their range to create a complete lifestyle collection.

The journey wasn’t without its ups and downs. The retro look didn’t take the fashion world by storm in the ‘90s, which, in hindsight, helped Khujo develop its style today. Forced to look at jacket designs in a whole new way, Khujo jackets are now at the forefront of fashion. On-trend and vintage-inspired, Khujo coats and jackets mix effortlessly with any look to complete an outfit, whether it needs a light summer jacket or a thick and cosy winter coat.

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