Pokémon merchandise – gotta have it all! Whether you’re a Pokémaniac yourself or you’re buying a gift for someone else that is, you’re going to love browsing through EMP’s Snorlax-sized selection of Pokémon merchandise. We’ve got everything from Pokémon t-shirts to Pokémon toys and games, Charizard caps to Pikachu socks, Pokéball beanies and so, so much more.

Want to go on a journey just like Ash Ketchum? Then try your luck at Monopoly Kanto Edition (we think they missed a trick by not calling it Pokémonopoly, but there you are), in which you and up to five friends can travel through all eight gyms, battling and catching Pokémon, collecting badges and buying, selling and trading with other players as you go. If you’re mad about a certain electric mouse, then show it with this Pikachu allover t-shirt or Pikachu allover dress! There’s plenty more from the little fella available amongst our Pokémon merchandise, as well as other Pokémon, so have a look around – just be careful of the long grass!

Pokémon definitely needs no intro; this franchise has literally taken the world by storm since it burst onto the gaming scene in 1995. The premise is simple; fictional creatures called “Pokémon” roam amongst the Kanto region, while Pokémon trainers catch and train them for combat with other creatures. The very best Pokémon trainers travel to the region’s eight gyms, where they battle that gym’s lead trainer. If they defeat that trainer, they’re given a badge – and eight of these gets you to Viridian City to battle the Elite Four.

What started out as just an unheralded Nintendo Game Boy release has now exploded into so much more, and fans can now get their hands on trading card games, comic books, toys, movies, TV shows and of course Pokémon GO, which was an overnight craze in the summer of 2016 and still retains a loyal fanbase.

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