With EMP's range of Suicide Squad merchandise you're sure to fit right into the #squad. Whether you're a pyrokinetic ex-gangster like El Diablo or possessed by an ancient spirit like the Enchantress, pull up a chair, puddin', and browse our range of Suicide Squad jackets, hats, posters and even Suicide Squad Funko Pop! figures. If you're thinking of assembling the #squad for your next cosplay or fancy dress party, look no further! We've got Harley Quinn's "Daddy's Lil' Monster" t-shirt, "Property of the Joker" bomber jacket, and "Good Night" baseball bat, plus the Joker's tailcoat and more - all exclusive to EMP! Kit up and enter the fray shoulder to shoulder with your own band of freaks: In Squad We Trust.

Supervillains they may be, but the lovable rogues' gallery that is Suicide Squad has been a favourite since DC Comics first created this antihero team. Put together as a secret governmental taskforce of convicts and psychopaths, the Squad is given immunity for its crimes as long they keep tackling their missions. The group is named for its ultra-dangerous missions, which nobody is guaranteed to survive - some say it would be suicide to even try.

Nevertheless, the rotating gang of characters, which includes hitman Deadshot, killer Croc, assassin Slipknot, thief Captain Boomerang and, of course, Harleen Frances Quinzel - aka Harley Quinn - do survive, using their supernatural powers for a bit of good (a bit of bad) and (most of the time) managing to stay out of prison. Whether on the silver screen or on paper, Suicide Squad is prime comic book action with a surprisingly human twist and plenty of wild, covetable fashion.

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