Disney Funko Pop! Figures, Clothing, Accessories & More

EMP's Magical World of Walt Disney Merchandise

EMP’s collection of Disney merchandise is every bit as magical as the worlds of Walt Disney themselves. From 1928, when the characters of Mickey and Minnie Mouse were first developed, to the present day, where the likes of Beauty and the Beast, Moana and Frozen dominate multiplexes, Disney has helped to shape our world, with its huge cast of memorable characters still growing.

Part of what makes Disney unique is its clothing – whether in animated or live-action features, every character’s outfit is designed to capture the imagination. Our range of Disney clothing combines both replicas and clothing inspired by Disney’s immortal tales – cosplayers will get a kick out of Belle’s ball gown, while fans just looking to show their love can choose from items such as this The Little Mermaid dress or this Peter Pan “second star to the right…” knit jumper – both of which are exclusive to EMP!

Our Disney merch doesn’t just stop at clothing. We offer a variety of stunning Disney Couture jewellery, from wristwatches to earrings, necklaces, and bracelets from the likes of Alice in Wonderland, The Little Mermaid and more. There’s also Disney Funko Pop! figures, meaning characters as varied as Captain Jack Sparrow, Jack Skellington, Simba, Lumiere the Candleholder and more can keep you company around your home or office!

To many, Disney means fantasy. From Neverland to Wonderland, the Beast’s castle to Bambi’s forest, the worlds created by Disney over more than eight decades are sure to live forever. Disneyland and Walt Disney World help bring these adventures to you, but the best thing you can find to accompany Disney stories and creatures is your imagination. With it, Disney enchantment is made complete.