The Nightmare Before Christmas

"Boys and Girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange?" With these words, Tim Burton's cult film The Nightmare before Christmas begins. In 1993, the fantasy horror musical was shown in cinemas for the first time, and has been a household staple at Christmas time ever since. Every year, millions of viewers head to Halloween Town, following Jack Skellington on his Christmas mission. Jack is celebrated as the Pumpkin King in his home, and he is respected by the inhabitants who love and enjoy Halloween. But actually, Jack has gotten weary of Halloween - it's always the same, year after year. Accidentally, he discovers a whole new world behind a mysterious door in the forest - and in that world, it's not Halloween, but Christmas that matters as the most important holiday! Jack is totally taken with this Christmas. He even tries to convince his bizarre, but likeable fellow citizens of that holiday. They are not too keen on a festivity without any scary or spooky goings on, though. So, Jack tries to combine the spirit of Christmas with some Halloween elements somehow... He even kidnaps Santa Claus to deliver the presents himself - which is followed by a lot of catastrophes, of course.

This film has simply everything: a damn funny plot, crazy characters like sewn-together Sally who constantly loses her limbs, or the horrible Oogie-Boogie, and a lot of catchy songs. Enjoy this cinematic masterpiece once again - of course, we have The Nightmare before Christmas available in our EMP Online Shop, and a lot of spooky fan merch, too: Sweaters, t-shirts, tops, posters, a Nightmare before Christmas Monopoly game, and even a Jack Overall, so you could slip into the role of the protagonist in no time at all. This is Halloween!

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