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The Nightmare Before Christmas is not your typical Disney flick, but that's probably one of the main reasons for its incredible success. Widely regarded as a classic, Nightmare helped launch an entire genre of family entertainment, proving that creepy doesn't necessarily have to mean scary.

While on the surface the plot seems like simply a boisterous adventure of Halloween characters captivated by the magic of Christmas, there are hidden depths to the story, exploring themes of daily life, such as loneliness, jealousy, and even corporate pressure. At times the story takes some dark turns, but Jack and his crew weather every storm with inspiring optimism and determination.

If you haven't seen The Nightmare Before Christmas already, do yourself a favour and make it a priority. With its bizarre yet charming storyline, catchy tunes, and outstanding performances from Danny Elfman, Chris Sarandon, and Catherine O'Hara, it's easy to see why this movie is such a treasured delight for all age groups.

Because it’s such a well-loved and timeless masterpiece, it’s hardly surprising so much awesome The Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise is always available for casual and die-hard fans alike. Everybody remembers the first time they were enchanted by TNBC, and the popularity of its merchandise shows that boys and girls of every age would always like to see something strange!

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