Don't fuck with the Minions! The little helpers from the "Despicable Me" movies are not only funny but damn sweet. No wonder that the Minions now get their own movie. Finally, we are going to learn more about the small, yellow chaos mongers. In fact, the Minions only exist to serve a - but not some master, it is the meanest villain the world has ever seen. The problem is not to find one but rather to keep one, it seems. After the loss of another master the Minions withdraw to Antarctica. Before long, they fall into a deep depression there. Without a master, life is simply not fun. However, the Minions would not be themselves if they failed to get back on their feet. Together with Stuart and Bob, brave Minion Kevin heads off into the big, big world in order to find a new master. At a gathering of supervillains, they indeed meet villainess number one - the legendary Scarlett Overkill. But is she the proper mistress for the Minions?

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