Breaking Bad

50, science teacher, married, one son - the life of Walter White senior couldn't be more normal. But a shocking diagnoses changes Walt's life all of a sudden: he has lung cancer. Walter soon realises that his salary as a teacher won't be enough for his family after his death. His final goal: earn money - fast. When accompanying his brother-in-law Hank on a DEA operation, Walt finds out that his former pupil Jesse Pinkmann is a drug dealer. Walt thinks there is just one way out to provide financial security for his pregnant wife Skyler and his disabled son Walter jun.: he forces Jesse to produce crystal meth with him. The cash starts flowing in, and the two become familiar names in the scene, Walt now going by the name of "Heisenberg". With 99,1 %, his Blue Sky is the purest meth ever on the market. But the growing cult status also causes an increasing number of problems for Heisenberg and Jesse, one of the biggest dangers being Walt's brother-in-law Hank. Heisenberg and Jesse cannot avoid having blood on their hands to keep their business a secret. But how long will that work out?

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