The Big Bang Theory

Dr. Cooper, Dr. Hofstadter, Dr. Koothrappali, and Mister Wolowitz: since 2005, the four geniuses from the series The Big Bang Theory have put us on nerd alert. The series focuses on the two brilliant scientists Leonard and Sheldon who know everything about almost anything - except human relationships. Sheldon doesn't care about that at all because he thinks nothing of social competence - in contrast to Leonard. Their own little universe is focused on science, science fiction, comics, and of course on world domination and the impending invasion of androids. But their little cosmos begins to totter, though, when Penny, an attractive girl, moves into the apartment on the opposite side of their floor. She's a waitress at the Cheese Cake Factory, but she dreams of a career as an actress. Leonard falls in love with her at first sight, much to the regret of Sheldon who is torn out of his comfort zone and frequently compelled to social interaction due to Leonard's emotional dilemma. New times begin for the nerds - but fortunately, their friends Howard and Rajesh are always at their side to help... Well, not really, but at least, they add to the general exhilaration. After a while, the nerds become friends with Penny, and there are even more surprises ahead for Leonard, Sheldon, Rajesh und Howard.

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