Poizen Industries Online Shop

Welcome to Poizen Industries! We invite you to a very special fashion tour, showing you dark and mysterious garments and unique pieces in Gothic style! So, brace yourself and prepare for surprises...

When it comes to extravagance, Poizen Industries is just the right place. You certainly know that situation: you're out and about, and you get curious, irritated, but also appreciative looks from others - and that's great! Wearing one of the Poizen Industries Gothic coats, you'll be sure to get all the attention you deserve!

The Alice Coat is a very classy and black romantic piece created by Poizen Industries. The elaborate style and the countless details such as lacings, bows, gatherings, and heart-shaped pockets turn the Alice Coat into a very special piece.

But let's continue our tour and have a look on some gorgeous, dark dresses. Poizen Industries dresses also feature characteristic details and finesse. Gothic elements such as delicate lace, cords, lacings, studs, and applications add sophistication and elegance to the creations.

Poizen Industries also offers the respective accessories for the pieces, of course. Bags and jewellery for a perfect outfit are must-have items for any given Gothic fashionista! The Gothic cuffs pimp every dress to the max: be it with clasps, bone print, or made of lace - in our online shop, you can choose the matching arm piece for any dress or sleeveless top.

Coming up next on the Poizen Industries tour: apart from coats and dresses, you'll also find Gothic skirts and the matching tops in the online shop! So, indulge yourself with some beautiful and extravagant new pieces and accessories by Poizen Industries - more demure for everyday, or striking and playful for parties or other occasions!

The EMP Poizen Industries Online Shop has a lot of dark clothes ready for you - look around, you'll definitely find the right pieces for your personal style!

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