Gather round EMP fam, we need to talk about Brandit clothing. We know you love a festival and we know you love to look great while you’re rocking out, head-banging or moshing it up in the pit. To do that you need some high quality garms that can take the full brunt of a three-day stint in a soggy field. We’re talking everything a festival can throw at you, from the crapocalyptic toilets to memorable muddy moments and the 4am mission of a snack run. Well, the genius minds behind Brandit clothing have come up with some quality threads that can stand up to life’s greatest gigs, without leaving you looking a bit ‘mum ’n’ bass’.

Rain or shine, Brandit is the go-to brand when you want classic and practical military-style designs for everyday use or that special festival occasion. Brandit shoes and boots protect you from humidity, mud, and other festi-goers treading on your feet with their toe-tapping trotters. Among our range of Brandit trousers you’ll find a perfect pair of cargo trousers – perfect for battling the elements. We’ve got several versions to keep your wardrobe well stocked without getting repetitive, and they’re so comfortable you won't want to undress at the festival! Keep your gear safe and secure with Brandit’s military bags and backpacks - just avoid becoming the camp tramp by hitting the showers now and then, eh?

Brandit has also designed some great stuff for those colder days, too: just don the jackets and coats, and to add some serious style to your wardrobe, go for some of Brandit's rockabilly-style clothing to add some serious style to your wardrobe.

And the best thing? Brandit clothes are really affordable! So, hit up the EMP pages, get your mouse clicking on our extensive selection of practical clothing for women and men, and solve your festival wardrobe problem. We’ll have you glamping your way through festival season in no time!

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