Rock Rebel

Conceived and created in-house by our rockstar designers, Rock Rebel clothing and accessories from EMP let you revel in your individuality. Our exclusive range includes Rock Rebel t-shirts, jumpers, hoodies,accessories and jewellery and more, all designed to bring out your inner rebel. What are you waiting for?

Rock Rebel from EMP’s range consists of clothing and accessories for audiences across rock, punk and biker culture and more. Adorned with elaborate rose, angel, skeleton and skull motifs and made with hard, real leathers, buckles and studs and deep, dark reds, greens, greys, blacks and blues, Rock Rebel is the brand for you if you want an edgy, distressed look to ensure a striking impact.

Anybody can be a Rock Rebel, and so we’ve got tons of items for both sexes; check out Rock Rebel clothing for men and Rock Rebel clothing for women. Is there a rocker or biker out there who could refuse such stand-out designer clothing? Rock the Rock Rebel style from your beanie to your boots with this designer collection from EMP.

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