EMP's range of Rammstein merchandise is as extensive as the band's accomplishments and follows in the footsteps of the German outfit themselves - brooding, dark and provocative, yet stylish. From Rammstein tees to a Rammstein doormat welcoming guests to 'The Darkness' (in their native tongue, of course), this is the most comprehensive selection of merchandise the band's followers will find!

Our branded Rammstein leather boots and camo cap nod to the band's military- and industrial-inspired sounds, whilst Rammstein posters and flags are perfect bedroom decoration. We've even got Rammstein sound transducer headphones - allowing you to listen to Liebe ist für alle da (CD | 2-CD special edition), Rosenrot (CD), Mutter (CD) or any of their classic albums in crystal-clear quality.

There are rock bands, and then there are rock bands that manage to invent entire sub-genres. With their debut album, Herzeleid (CD), Rammstein cemented their status as one of the few who can genuinely claim to sit in the latter category. Creating Neus Deutsche Harte - New German Hardness - Rammstein's work combines industrial, metal, techno and experimental electronica, forging a sound that is at once dark, abrasive, distorted, furious, and subtly infectious. These German metal powerhouses were born for the stage, with their epic, outlandish live shows (think fire - lots and lots and lots of fire) and ability to push the boundaries well beyond where most guitar acts draw lines in the sand earning them the motto "other bands play, Rammstein burns."

Rammstein are a true musical institution, and their huge international success despite irregular releases and only a handful of songs in English is a testament to their quality. Show your love with some merch, and we'll see you at the next show - if you can take the heat!

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