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The safety software we use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encrypts all personal information (like name, address, credit card number) you enter in our website. This information is not accessible to any third-parties whilst you are connected to our server with the SSL protocol. SSL encrypts all information that you pass to us over the internet using a unique key that only we can access.

SSL protocol: SSL 3.0
Public Key: SHA1 + RSA 2048 bit
User data encryption: DHE RSA – AES 256 bit

The following information is encrypted:

  • Personal information (name, address, telephone number. etc.)
  • Login Information (email address and password)
  • Payment method
  • Credit-Card and Bank Account Information
  • The Date you wish to wait for missing items in an order

Data Protection & Registration


Please note that under no circumstances do we pass on your email addresses or telephone numbers to other organizations. We do occasionally make our catalogue mailing list available to other carefully selected companies but only if their products rock!

Tick the box at the checkout when you are completing your order to continue receiving ours and other outrageously cool catalogues.

Win, win, win, freebies, newsletters, band info etc.. Don’t forget to check this box when you are completing your order to keep up with what is going down.

Anonymous data is recorded and saved using solutions and technologies by econda GmbH to ensure that this website has a needs-appropriate design and an ideal structure; to this end usage profiles using synonyms are also produced from this data. This data is not however merged with data on the holder of the pseudonym. Visitors to this website can revoke the future recording and saving of this data at any time here.


Ordering at EMP is very easy. We offer a free registration service, where all necessary personal information can be saved using a username and password, so that this information can automatically be entered each time you wish to place an order. The EMP Account makes ordering easier in the following ways:

  • Items in your Shopping Cart are saved, so you can come back later to order the items
  • You no longer need to enter your Personal Details when placing an order
  • You can access and change your Personal Details in "My EMP" or delete your customer account completely

The registration is free and you have no obligation to order.

You can delete your customer account at any time. You can do this in the "My EMP" section (once you have logged in to your account). To delete the account, simply click the link "Delete my account irrevocably now". Please note that once the account has been deleted, you must re-register if you wish to place a new order.

The Use of Cookies at EMP -  “Cookie" Policy details.

At EMP we treat your privacy with the utmost respect. Your personal details and the way you like to shop are private so we treat it with the utmost confidentiality. We will never pass this information on to other companies and you can rest assured that any customer information we have is kept 100% secure with us. This also applies to website function “cookies” that we have in place to enhance your shopping experience on our websites.

EMP have an overriding desire to make your online shopping efficient, quick and informative as possible so you get access only to the things that are of specific interest to you. In order to do this the website uses some “cookies” to assist the efficient shopping process . So that our site operates properly and so you see our best offers, we recommend that you enable cookies.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are a small text file record that can be left on your computer or mobile shopping device when you visit a website. It records the things you are interested in order to try and present you things that are relevant to your interest, rather than bother you with irrelevant information and also to also help make your shopping processes more efficient. The cookie files are sent back to the originating website each time you subsequently visit or by other websites that have been enabled to recognise the cookie.

There are two general types of Cookie:

Persistent cookies stay on your computer, mobile device for a designated period of time. They are activated each time the website that created the specific cookie is visited.

Session cookies are temporary codes that enable website administrators to draw conclusions from actions of a user whilst browsing or shopping on a site. These “Session” cookies are then deleted when the browser is closed.

New EU legislation regarding the use of cookies requires us to advise you about our cookie policy and give you the option to decline their use. If you choose to decline the use of cookies unfortunately at the moment this means that some aspects of the site would not function for you and you cannot effectively order online.  If you have any concerns about EMP use of “cookies” at the present time we politely request you place your order via telephone with our UK Service team on 01548 831620 where they will also be able to advise you about the use of “cookies” and set your mind at rest.

Further information on Cookies can be found at: www.allaboutcookies.org and www.youronlinechoices.eu.

Details of the few Cookies used by EMP UK

Session Cookies:

SHOP6PHPSESSID . This cookie, identifies you each time you come to the site and assists with populating forms with relevant information so the site can work for you. Without it the user can't login, fill his shopping cart or wish list and therefore can't order.

emos_jcsid.  This cookie collects data about the behaviour of the user whilst they are browsing or shopping on the site. It is used so that we can tailor-make the experience and offer products that are likely to be of interest.

Persistent cookies

dtdb98. This cookie has the same functionality as the SHOP6PHPSESSID session cookie only it holds the shopping preferences data until the end of the year. Without this we will not be able tailor make the site for you.

emos_jcvid  This cookie tracks your shopping preferences and how you use the site. It is valid for three years and allows EMP to offer products tailor made to your preferences. Without this we will not be able tailor make the site for you.



These are Facebook cookies - used if you use the EMP Facebook page. They collect the number of likes and counts the data of our Facebook page. Without them EMP is unable to count how many Facebook “likes” they have and it would restrict the functionality of Facebook. These codes  last 1 month.



This is a cookie used by Google if you have a Google+  EMP account. It collects data about google+-“likes” and visited pages. This lasts for 2 years.

EMP email Newsletter

We offer a subscription for a free, weekly EMP email Newsletter. After registration, you will receive an email confirmation. In order to complete the registration process, you must click on the activation link. You will then receive a regular email from EMP (normally Fridays) with the latest releases, information and special offers.

By clicking "Subscribe now" you agree that EMP Mail Order UK Ltd., Chene Court, Poundwell Street, Modbury, Ivybridge, Devon, PL21 0QJ and its parent company and subsidiaries may use your email address for marketing purposes. This includes the sending of information by email to your registered email address (i.e. the EMP newsletter)

Your email address will be permanently stored and will not be passed onto third parties!

If you no longer wish to receive information by email, you may cancel your subscription for free by clicking on the link at the end of the newsletter. This will then remove your email address from the mailing list and you will no longer receive the newsletter.


We use retargeting technology from a third party supplier: Criteo GmbH (www.criteo.com) for our online shop. This makes it possible to provide Internet users who are already interested in our shop and the products in it with targeted advertising. Studies show that advertising with personalised product recommendations is more interesting to customers than ads with little or no personal connection. In addition, the advertisements for products that are probably of interest to you make it easier to go back directly to the advertised products. Because people are frequently interrupted in their online shopping and later have difficulty finding the products they had picked out before. Personalised banners, however, lead you back directly to the products easily.

If you do not wish to use this function during your visit to our site, you can opt out here.

The purpose of Criteo Email is to find visitors of Criteo advertising clients’ properties (websites, apps and newsletters) and send them personalized emails. Criteo uses cookies to single out users and then personalize ads based on their browsing experience. To learn more or opt out of Criteo Email http://privacy.criteoemail.com/gb/privacy-policy.html

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