Cupcake Cult Online Shop

Come in! There is already a zombie pony, a zombie pikachu, a demonic bambi and a psycho penguin waiting in the Cupcake Cult arena waiting for the show to begin!

This morbid circus is part of everyday life at Cupcake Cult! So think twice if you got the nerves for this and if you are ready for this colorful and macabre racket!

The Cupcake Cult clothing can easily be recognized by their comparably simple style and colorful and crazy prints. Morbid clothing the fun way, creating an overall picture of something both cute and disturbing at the same time. Cupcake Cult is known for taking known characters from movies and games and zombifying them.

Youmay encounter a half rotten Arielle vixen and a Zombie Link, who should ring a bell if you ever played the game Zelda. Andyou really should be aware of Killer Sonic who stops at nothing. He is especially dangerous! The eye-catching and grotesque prints are available on girlies and T-shirts, so there is something for both girls and boys!

We have managed to capture a few of these crazy troublemakers! Give your Cupcake Cult Monster hooded sweater a new home in your wardrobe. With elaborate design and many details. Lacings, studs, beady eyes, monster teeth and stitched-on ears give the sweaters an extravagant and funny look!

For all those who like it a bit more plain, Cupcake Cult awaits with comparably harmless clothes with imaginative designs. Slip on a whole galaxy and wear a thousand stars! We got gorgeous dresses, leggins and jackets with intergalactic and colorful prints! All items from Cupcake Cult are high-quality and extensively worked.

Of course, Cupcake Cult has got a few accessories in stock for you that are a bit different than expected: you will find bags and beanies covered in studs, but you can also load up on sweet jewelry. These items fit perfectly to the crazy and unusual clothes and make each outfit special!

So make sure you got your ticket to the Cupcake Cult Circus and come in! Punks, goths and rockers will like the show as much as those who just aren't into mainstream clothing and like to scare others once in a while!

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