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Item no. 324815
Gender Unisex
Musical Genre Heavy Metal
Exclusive No
Media - Format 1-3 2-CD & DVD
Edition Remastered, Re-Release
Product topic Bands
Band Hexx
Product type CD
Release date 15/01/2016
The Heavy Metal heroes Hexx present their two classic albums as re-releases in form of a triple CD box. This extensive 30th anniversary box contains the masterpiece "Under The Spell" as well as the entire "No Escape" output as a bonus plus 22 further bonus tracks and a sensational bonus DVD (run time: approx. 250 min). Plus there's a big booklet with over 50 pages (rare photos, biography, interviews etc.)
Disc 1
1. Hell riders 2. A time of war 3. Edge of death 4. The victim 5. Under the spell 6. Out of control 7. Suicide 8. The Hexx 9. Fever dream 10. Midnght sun 11. Edge of death (Live 1986) 12. Burn or boil 13. Swimming the witch 14. Instrumental 15. Suicide 16. Under the spell 17. Edge of death 18. The victim 19. The Hexx 20. Fever dream 21. The golden cross (aka midnight sun) 22. Out for control (Instrumental Version)
Disc 2
1. Terror 2. Invader 3. The other side 4. Look to the sky 5. Beware the darkness 6. Night of pain 7. No escape 8. Live for the night 9. Fear no evil 10. Radio spot KRQR 11. No escape 12. The other side 13. Search for the king 14. Left for dead 15. Lost my way 16. Drop away 17. Crumble 18. Intro / The victim 19. Edge of death 20. Under the spell 21. Burn or boil
Disc 3
1. Intro / The Victim (Headbangers Open Air 2015) 2. Edge of death (Headbangers Open Air 2015) 3. Under the spell (Headbangers Open Air 2015) 4. Terror (Headbangers Open Air 2015) 5. Invader (Headbangers Open Air 2015) 6. Night of pain (Headbangers Open Air 2015) 7. Hell riders (Headbangers Open Air 2015) 8. No escape (Headbangers Open Air 2015) 9. A time of war (Headbangers Open Air 2015) 10. Suicide (Headbangers Open Air 2015) 11. Fever dream (Headbangers Open Air 2015) 12. Out for control (Headbangers Open Air 2015) 13. Terror (Keep It True Festival 2014) 14. Invader (Keep It True Festival 2014) 15. The victim (Keep It True Festival 2014) 16. No escape (Keep It True Festival 2014) 17. Edge of death (Keep It True Festival 2014) 18. Look to the sky (Keep It True Festival 2014) 19. Night of pain (Keep It True Festival 2014) 20. Beware the darkness (Keep It True Festival 2014) 21. The other side (Keep It True Festival 2014) 22. Out for control (Keep It True Festival 2014) 23. Edge of death (Live at Omni Oakland) 24. Out for control (Live at Omni Oakland) 25. A time of war incomplete (Live at Omni Oakland) 26. Under the spell (Live at Omni Oakland) 27. The Hexx (Live at Omni Oakland) 28. Twice as bright, half as long (Live at Omni Oakland) 29. Hell riders (Live at American Victorian Museum) 30. A time of war (Live at American Victorian Museum) 31. Terror (Live at American Victorian Museum) 32. Edge of death (Live at American Victorian Museum) 33. Fever dream (Live at American Victorian Museum) 34. Drum solo (Live at American Victorian Museum) 35. The Hexx (Live at American Victorian Museum) 36. Live at the Stone in San Francisco 37. Racial slaughter 38. Mirror of the past 39. War machine (aka fields of death) 40. Edge of death 41. The last step 42. Twice as bright 43. Racial slaughter (Chatterbox in San Francisco) 44. Mirror of the past (Chatterbox in San Francisco) 45. Fields of death (Chatterbox in San Francisco) 46. Watery graves (Chatterbox in San Francisco) 47. Spider jam (Instrumental) (Chatterbox in San Francisco) 48. Blood hunter (Chatterbox in San Francisco) 49. Racial slaughter (Live at Omni Oakland) 50. Edge of Death (Live at Omni Oakland) 51. Sardonicus (Live at Omni Oakland) 52. Morbid reality (Live at Omni Oakland) 53. Twice as bright (Live at Omni Oakland) 54. Under the spell (Live at Omni Oakland) 55. Mirror of the past (Live at Omni Oakland) 56. Watery graves (Live at Omni Oakland) 57. Edge of death (Live at Omni Oakland) 58. Sardonicus (Live at Omni Oakland) 59. Spider jam (Instrumental) (Live at Omni Oakland) 60. Blood hunter (Live at Omni Oakland) 61. Morbid reality (Live at Omni Oakland)