"Hypnotize" CD by System Of A Down

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The package of "Hypnotize" was designed in a way both albums create one unity and together show one design.

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Item no. 424975
Musical Genre Alternative/Indie
Exclusive No
Media - Format 1-3 CD
Product topic Bands
Band System Of A Down
Product type CD
Release date 18/11/2005
Gender Unisex

CD 1

  • 1.
    Attack (Album Version)
  • 2.
    Dreaming (Album Version)
  • 3.
    Kill Rock 'n Roll (Explicit Album Version)
  • 4.
    Hypnotize (Album Version)
  • 5.
    Stealing Society (Explicit Album Version)
  • 6.
    Tentative (Album Version)
  • 7.
    U-Fig (Album Version)
  • 8.
    Holy Mountains (Album Version)
  • 9.
    Vicinity Of Obscenity (Album Version)
  • 10.
    She's Like Heroin (Explicit Album Version)
  • 11.
    Lonely Day (Album Version)
  • 12.
    Soldier Side (Album Version)

by Alexander Ertner (October 2005) That the S.O.A.D. singer and frontman, Serj Tankian is a workaholic is known not only by those who regularly watch his site, www.axisofjustice.org to dig in a bit deeper into the world of S.O.A.D.. Two records in one year are indeed very respectable! Twelve songs can be found on "Hypnotize", and already with the first song, "Attack" the direction becomes clear. The unmistakable mixture of heaviness and melody are always brought to the point. The right introduction for a S.O.A.D.-album, and a track that confirms the album already in the premier league. The succeeding "Dreaming" has this typical contrary in the sound of the band and the chorus open to another masterpiece of song - followed by "Kill Rock'n'Roll" with its Hardcore attitude. The title track reveals the experimental side for the first time - like a snake, this song winds itself into your ears with some slight Oriental touches. Great! Like the first three songs representing the perfect satisfaction for all fans, the latter songs of "Hypnotize" are rather a view into the future of the band. "Holy mountains", e.g. culminates from a ballad to a real killer-song, "Vicinity of obscenity" would also fit onto the Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack and its protagonist, Frank, and "She's like Heroin" has Funk and a lot of Rock. Producer Rick Rubin again did a great job, also if one or the other sound reminds me of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. But that's no drop of bitterness but rather a reminiscence. Not a single weak track - and consequently a must-have album! (Alexander Ertner - October 2005)

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