Star Wars is 40 - Here's 40 of Our Coolest Pieces of Star Wars Merch!

A long time ago (well, exactly 40 years) in a continent far, far away (well, North America)…Star Wars was released! Yes, this cultural phenomenon is 40 years old today, and what better way to celebrate by looking at some of the coolest bits of Star Wars merch available to purchase from

We all love a Star Wars t-shirt, sure – and you’ll find a few in the list below - but did you know that thanks to EMP you can pretty much stock your kitchen, cover your walls and adorn your surfaces entirely in Star Wars goodies?

Intrigued? Read on, my young padawan…

furry chewbacca snapback baseball cap FURRY CHEWBACCA SNAPBACK BASEBALL CAP On cold days, nothing’s gonna keep your head warm better than a cap made with Wookiee fur.   star wars retro gaming t shirt SHOOT ‘EM UP T-SHIRT Star Wars meets Space Invaders on this awesome retro gaming-inspired tee.   death star egg timer DEATH STAR EGG TIMER “Fear will keep the local systems in line. Fear of this egg timer.”   HAN SOLO FROZEN IN CARBONITE DOOR POSTER Stick this up in your home and you won’t need to tell your guests not to dump a valuable shipment of spice at the first sight of an Imperial freighter. They’ll just know.   BOBA FETT BATHROBE - EXCLUSIVE TO EMP! Jetpack sadly not included. DEATH STAR SUBLIMATION PRINT DRESS – EXCLUSIVE TO EMP! The sublimation print on this EMP exclusive means the deep inky black of space will never fade.   ben kenobi funko pop figure BEN KENOBI FUNKO POP! FIGURE Because sometimes during those long days at your desk, you need a wise old sage to turn to for advice.   yoda welcome you are doormat YODA “WELCOME YOU ARE” DOORMAT Wipe your feet you must, and to take your shoes off in the hall do not forget! lightsaber pizza cutter LIGHTSABER PIZZA CUTTER Because if you were a Jedi Knight, you know you’d use your lightsaber to perform everyday cooking tasks. Think of the time you’d save!   rogue one rebel military jacket ROGUE ONE REBEL ALLIANCE MILITARY JACKET – EXCLUSIVE TO EMP! As worn by Cassian Andor himself. Show you’re fighting the good fight.   cantina band on tour t shirt CANTINA BAND ON TOUR T-SHIRT Nerd alert: the band are really called Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes. But that shouldn’t stop you buying this tee, which is also available in plus size and as a hoodie.     stormtrooper decanter STORMTROOPER HELMET DECANTER How else do you think they were pouring drinks at that big party the end of Return of the Jedi? There were a lot of helmets hanging around.   darth vader biscuit tin with sound DARTH VADER HELMET BISCUIT TIN (WITH SOUND) I find your lack of Bourbons disturbing.   x-wing knife set X-WING KNIFE SET Planning a daring assault on some potatoes? Then this knife set is for you.   star wars retro logo t shirt STAR WARS RETRO LOGO LONG-SLEEVED T-SHIRT This tee celebrates the 40th anniversary by casting that classic logo in some groovy ‘70s colours.   princess leia boushh funko pop PRINCESS LEIA/BOUSHH FUNKO POP! FIGURE Don’t worry, the thermal detonator isn’t live.   darth vader oven gloves DARTH VADER OVEN GLOVES Perfect for yielding your lightsaber pizza cutter with.   rogue one top trumps STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE TOP TRUMPS If these were really true to the movie, whoever has the Death Star should just automatically win. Obviously, the good people at Top Trumps made it a bit more of a contest.   chewbacca reversible hoodie 1chewbacca reversible hoodie 2 CHEWBACCA REVERSIBLE HOODIE Running errands during the day and cosplaying at night, without time to go home and change? Then this awesome hoodie is for you. Disclaimer: no Wookiees were harmed during the making of this hoodie.   ewok handbag EWOK HANDBAG Because who doesn’t want to carry an adorable Ewok around with them all day?   rogue one vader and death star pyjamas ROGUE ONE DARTH VADER & DEATH STAR PYJAMAS - EXCLUSIVE TO EMP! Trouble sleeping? Try having a Dark Lord of the Sith and the most powerful weapon in the galaxy looking after you.   bb8 teapot and cup BB-8 TEAPOT AND CUP Make sure you remove the map to Luke Skywalker’s location before you make tea in it, or the galaxy will never forgive you.   r2d2 c3po friends forever top R2-D2 & C-3PO “BEST FRIENDS FOREVER” T-SHIRT - EXCLUSIVE TO EMP! N’awww. Celebrate cinema’s greatest bromance with this top, exclusively available from EMP.   rebel floral jumpsuit REBEL FLORAL JUMPSUIT – EXCLUSIVE TO EMP! At first glance it looks like your regular floral jumpsuit – perfect for the coming summer months. Peer a little closer and there's R2, 3PO, an X-Wing and more!   darth vader socks with cape DARTH VADER SOCKS WITH CAPE The cape plays a big part in making Vader as scary as he is; without it billowing behind him he wouldn’t have half the presence he does. Now when you take your shoes off you’ll strike fear into the hearts of your enemies – assuming that doesn’t happen already.   imperial fleet blueprint poster IMPERIAL FLEET BLUEPRINT POSTER See this on your wall every morning and you’ll have assimilated all the information you need to build an armada capable of conquering the galaxy in no time.   ig88 funko pop figure IG-88 FUNKO POP! FIGURE If you believe Boba Fett gets an unfair amount of coverage relative to the galaxy’s other bounty hunters, then show your support for this metal menace by picking up his Funko Pop!.   blurred stormtrooper t shirt BLURRED STORMTROOPER T-SHIRT Maybe this is intended to represent Finn’s feelings as his morality becomes blurred in the opening act of The Force Awakens. Maybe it’s just a cool design. Either way, great tee!   jyn erso jacket and scarf ROGUE ONE JYN ERSO JACKET & SCARF - EXCLUSIVE TO EMP! Whether you’re on temperate Lah’mu, tropical Scarif, scorching Jedha or stormy Eadu, this jacket (with integrated scarf and detachable hood) will keep you looking good and protected from the elements.   build and play star destroyer REVELL BUILD & PLAY IMPERIAL STAR DESTROYER No need for glue or paint with this baby – just clip the parts together and within minutes, you’ve got a magnificent ship worthy of leading your fleet.   unmasked darth vader funko pop figure UNMASKED DARTH VADER FUNKO POP! FIGURE Relive Vader’s heartbreaking final moments with this Funko Pop! – just don’t burn him on a pyre afterwards. And no, he won’t reappear as Hayden Christensen.   metal earth r2d2 c3po METAL EARTH R2-D2 & C-3PO MODEL SET Challenging, yes, but who said building droids was easy?   jabba the hutt t shirt JABBA THE HUTT T-SHIRT Doe closest u're likely tah get tah doe fun of Jabba's bunko - also available che women! (Translation: the closest you’re likely to get to the fun of Jabba’s palace – also available for women!)   battling ships star wars wall tattoo BATTLING SHIPS WALL TATTOOS Stage a battle for galactic supremacy on your walls – just make sure you’ve cleared it with your mum/landlord first!   jedi knight bathrobe JEDI KNIGHT BATHROBE A great Jedi once said: “Dry not. Do, or do not. There is no dry.” We think Yoda will be eating his words once he’s slipped into this bathrobe – might be a bit big for him, mind…   star wars retro logo t shirt 2 VINTAGE STAR WARS LOGO T-SHIRT Transport yourself right back to that glorious summer of ’77 with this tee.   stormtrooper cosplay hoodie with hood up STORMTROOPER COSPLAY HOODIE – EXCLUSIVE TO EMP! Keep the hood down when you’re off duty, but once you’re called into action, zip it up all the way and you’ve got yourself a helmet. Just be careful not to bang your head once it’s on – that’s been known to happen…   space battle heat change mug SPACE BATTLE HEAT CHANGE MUG Teabag goes in: lonely X-Wing drifting through space. Water goes in: SPACE CARNAGE.   second death star mousemat SECOND DEATH STAR MOUSEMAT “Now witness the power of this fully armed and operational mousemat!”   sith lord coat SITH LORD COAT Stroll to work with the power of the dark side behind you with this awesome coat – the pockets are deep enough for your lightsaber, and there are even hidden pockets inside the lapel so you need never lose those precious Death Star plans again.

The forty products listed here are just the tip of the sand dune. There’s enough in our Star Wars merchandise section to fill a starship, so check it out today!

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