How do I get rid of stains?

  • Coffee, Red Wine, Beer or other liquids

    Best thing to do is to absorb the liquid with a slightly moistened or damp cloth. Do not try to rub it out! Then wash out the spot with tepid water and put it in the washing machine. Alternatively take it straight to a dry-cleaner's. Old, dried stains are usually difficult to remove.

  • Grease stain/Oil

    Put some Anti Stain (ox-gall) soap on a slightly moistened/damp cloth and rub it on the spot carefully. Let it react for a bit and put it in the washing machine immediately.

  • Ball pen

    Warm up some lemon juice, then moisten/damp a cloth with the lemon juice and rub out the spot. Afterwards put it in the washing machine immediately.

  • Blood

    Moisten/Damp the blood spot and let it soak with cold water and salt as fast as possible. Afterwards put it in the washing machine. Do not use warm or hot water.

  • Deodorant marks

    Marks and stains can be caused by some brands of deodorant. It might help to check and change your deodorant! White items will get yellow stains and black items with show white deodorant marks. Our tip: spend a bit more on a good deodorant or ask your friends for their recommendations.

  • Sun Cream

    Beware of Sun Cream! It also can cause textiles to yellow and it won't go away. Best advice is to contact the manufacturer of the Sun Cream or talk with friends about their experiences.

  • Make-Up stain

    Make-Up stains can be removed during normal washing.