New Year, New You!

Its’s 2018! And no new year would be complete without a new set of resolutions. EMP has the rundown on some handy fashion related resolutions to get your wardrobe as ready for the new year as you are!

·        Add some colour

Have you thought about bringing some colour to your closet? One of the best ways to refresh your wardrobe is by adding some new shades to your ensemble. Adding colour to your wardrobe is one of the best ways to challenge yourself and add some freshness to your style. There are multiple ways to add a new look to your wardrobe – you can add a sprinkle of new accessories, you could create new color combinations, experiment with prints – the sky’s the limit! Check out our EMP jumpers, cardigans, dresses and more to bring this extra touch to your style.

·         Organise your wardrobe

A great resolution for the new year is sorting out your wardrobe. Ever found yourself thinking you have nothing to wear? Well the chances are you do! Organising your wardrobe can help you figure out just what choices you have in your times of need. The ways to organise your wardrobe are endless:

By Season – Separating your clothes by summer and winter should make a big improvement in your wardrobe organisation and have you looking good no matter the weather!

Frequency  – Arranging your clothes by how much you use them can help you figure out what clothes are going underused or even what clothes you don’t really want any more.

Similarity – Grouping clothes that look alike is a great way to choose clothes for certain occasions e.g. partywear, house clothes.

These are just a few ways, the possibilities are endless!

Once you’ve decided how you’re going to organise your clothes, storage is next. Keeping everything stored in it’s correct place, can be a great tool in keeping your pieces organised and a great gift to future you! So whether it’s using boxes, drawers, bags, rails, cupboards, stands, hangers, cabinets just use one rule – everything should be stored!

·         Throw it away!

Whether it’s clothes, shoes or accessories, it’s simple – keep everything you like that’s useful and  throw away the rest! Don’t hesitate – are those tops way too small for you? too big? Completely faded? Then they have no reason to be part of your wardrobe!

If the idea of throwing stuff away puts you off, simply give them away or resell them! Reselling your unwanted clothing will not only give more storage space in your wardrobe but also bring more extra pocket money to buy new basics you need for 2018.

The items you consider out of date or old fashioned can always be precious pieces for someone else. In fact vintage clothes are a great trend nowadays (just ask Macklemore) so why not give it a go and become an active online seller – eBay’s calling! If you’re not comfortable with online, a boot sale is always a great alternative to getting rid, just check the events happening around your area and get involved.

·         Get active!

No list of New Year resolutions is complete without the daddy of all resolutions – getting down the gym!  Picking a nice outfit is something that can be neglected when looking for something as functional as sportswear. But a good looking gym kit can boost your confidence which can actually help fuel your motivation to work out more and stay longer at the gym! Also it’s worth mentioning that wearing sportwear outside your gym is becoming trendy and is only getting trendier. Sports style is becoming more and more  of an on-street fashion, so a good piece of activewear can have a great piece for all occasions!

Check out our mens and womens clothing ranges for some 2018 clothing inspiration.

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